How Corsets Have Embraced Gothic Fashion

How Corsets Have Embraced Gothic Fashion

Corsets and Their Styles!

A corset is a garment that is worn to maintain a good posture and train the waist. Corsets help a woman to stand straight with her shoulder back. They are designed to remit the waist size, support injured back, and are also worn as an undergarment. Corsets help your bust line to lift and provide the delusion of a long and lean torso which makes you look sexy and attractive. Corsets are made of different materials such as velvet, satin, cotton, and leather, designed with beautiful beads, frills, prints and lace. Corsets are available in different styles and the one which has lured the youths and is in trend is Gothic Fashion and style.

How Gothic Fashion Came in Trend

Nowadays, Gothic styles are mostly influenced among the youngsters. This style shows the essence of traditional beauty which also helps in making a great impact on the trend . You see them on Tiktok, red carpet events, movies, Tv shows and music videos. In the early 2000s, Gothic fashion made its place in the fashion shows, where we saw the collection of gothic style corsets with black laces, ruffled tops and puffy skirts. Gothic styles have been in fashion since the 12th century, and the outfits in the early Gothic period were more sophisticated, simple and graceful. The Gothic fashion changed in the 14th century, majorly changes in the upper silhouette.

In Gothic fashion, a Gothic corset top is a crucial piece that shapes the body of the woman like an hourglass. Gothic corsets were worn during the Victorian and medieval ages and even in modern culture. Gothic corsets are still admired and are ideal to wear in summers. Earlier, gothic corsets were not very reliable but as time passed, these corsets became more comfortable, soft and easy to wear. Gothic clothes feature dark shades such as black, purple, blue, free, and yellow, also materials such as velvet, steampunk, satin, PVC, leather, Faux Leather, and brocade.  Gothic fashion is cool and elegant which is enhanced with lace, frills, ruffles, beads, and sequins. The Gothic style is artistic, you can adorn them with gothic accessories decorated with skulls, dragons and black cats.

How to Style Gothic Corset

There are numerous ways to style Gothic Corset. Gothic fashion defines dark and mysterious fashion, and here are some tips for you-

  1. Wear black in average amount because too much of black will make you look like a dead body. 
  2. Pair black corsets tops and dresses with deep hues such as burgundy, or plum for that sexy mysterious look
  3. Wear a velvet corset with slim jeans and spiked choker. Don’t forget your eye makeup ( black eyeshadow) and Dark blood red lipstick.
  4. Wear tall boots with which cover your knees.( heels are optional)
  5. Don’t wear golden accessories( wear them if they are old looking and antique) , and go for silver accessories such as pendant, spikes, crosses and chandelier earrings. 
  6. Style Black satin corset with red panels and pair them with leather jeans or pants with dark black high heels boots.


Gothic fashion is a clothing style where people wear dark and antiquated material. The clothes in Gothic fashion emphasize on dark hues such as purple, Burgundy, blue, red, and black. Both  men and women wear gothic corsets with dark makeup and antique jewelry tinted with skulls, pearls and a cross. The Gothic style is going to stay and have influenced pop culture and fashion under its realm.