Overbust Corsets and It’s Benefits

Overbust Corsets and It’s Benefits

What is an Overbust Corset ?

Choosing the right corset is important. A right corset helps to shape your body and enhance your style. Overbust corsets are super comfortable and stylish, that follows from the hips, up and over the bust. Overbust corsets not only comforts your body, it also uplifts your breast, supports your back and slender your waist size. These corsets are ideal for women who have fuller breasts, it shapes them like hourglass, when you tighten them a little from the waist. Overbust corsets remove the question of wearing a bra. Especially when you want to wear strapless tops, as strapless bras are a bit uncomfortable, but with overbust corsets the problem is solved. 

An overbust corset augments the look of the bust line of women having smaller breasts, by inserting breast pads and padded cups. They also provide wonderful bust cleavage and are not uncomfortable to first time wearers. Wearing an Overbust Corset impedes back pain, remits menstrual cramps, and enhances posture. 

Benefits of Overbust Corset

 Here are top 5 benefits why Overbust corsets are in demand-

  •  Enhances Your Posture

Most of the women have common issues like neck pain, back pain and frozen shoulder. When working all day using our smartphones, laptop and keyboard, our posture may get haunched. An overbust corset not only narrows your waist size it corrects your posture and remits the back pain caused by slouching. It supports your lower to upper back which keeps your back and shoulder straight.

  • No Bra Straps

Tired of hiding those pesky straps under tank tops and off shoulder tops? Why wear those uncomfortable bras when an overbust corset can play a role all in one. Invest in an overbust corset because they work like a bra and provide a beautiful cleavage along with lifting your breast. 

  • Assist Large or Fuller Breast

Some women have very large breasts which causes spinal curvature, and it can cause inflammation of the scalene muscle and tendons surrounded by them. It can also cause very serious issues which can be prevented by wearing an overbust corset. The corsets’ rigid bones and non-stretch fabric supports the breast that creates no pressure above the breast and over the shoulder. An overbust corset distributes the weight of the breast without causing pressure and strain. 

  • An Outwear too

When you wear an overbust corset as an innerwear, sometimes it’s tough to hide them under your clothing. The best advantage of owning an overbust corset is that you can wear it as outerwear too, which means you can wear them as a top. 

For daylight look- pair them with baggy jeans and a leather blazer or over a t-shirt dress with boots.

For evening look- Pair the overbust corset with a cute blazer and no shirt at all.  

  • Helps in Flattening Your Tummy

Wearing a corset daily aids in narrowing your waist size and impedes your stomach from expanding. It helps to control your appetite which aids in shaping and training your waist which appears attractive and narrow. An overbust corset also trains your waist and back and overcomes eating disorders.


Overbust corset is ideal for women who have both fuller breasts and small breasts. It provides better support to the breast, impedes shoulder injuries and boosts self-esteem in women. 

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