Waist Training & Corseting for The Plus-Sized Woman

Waist Training & Corseting for The Plus-Sized Woman

Abstract: Being a plus-sized person is not a curse, we just need to accept it and embrace it. There are a few brands in India and abroad who have considered the plus size women for their corseting advertisements and promotions and also promoting body positivity. The corsets and waist trainers have helped people to fit in whichever apparel they want, even with the XL waist size. 


People often use the terms ‘corset’ and ‘waist trainers’ interchangeably but they have different connotations. Both of them are used for waistline reduction. Corsets denote rigid attire that sustains and provides formation for the torso. They are found in the shape of rearwards lacing and front fastening. The conventional steel-boned corsets are directed as a first of female style and sometimes taken up in male fashion. Every woman is a fashion fanatic despite her shape and size. Thanks to the Victorian era we got to know about corsets and waist trainers to make our life a little easier in terms of apparel because you won’t think twice before choosing a dress. 

Corsets are of various kinds depending on the brand you choose. The widely preferred options in modern society are underbust and overbust corsets due to their various uses. Even if you are a plus-sized person, don’t fret, corsets are available in each size and length. You just need to make sure that the brand you pick must be reliable and open to your recommendations. These corsets are constructed of substantial yet elastic fabrics like Satin, Cotton, Leather, etc. which are further fortified with steel boning. The steel boning provides great support for every size to clinch their waist in and call attention to their curves in an hourglass-like figurine. Wearing a corset is acceptable and does not hurt your body as long as you pursue safe and sane corseting procedures like tracking down the corset of your size rather than attempting to squeeze in a smaller size. They are extremely beneficial in alleviating back pain and correcting your body stance. Also, if you turn into a daily corset wearer, you might shed some extra fat around the waist. Hence, the size doesn’t matter, the brand and the company you pick for corseting do! 


Yes, corsets and waist trainers have almost similar functions to perform but they are different in form and concept. Waist training refers to a pattern of carving your body resorting to a steel-boned corset to make over your waistline slim and yield a desired figure⁠—often into an accentuated hourglass or a flat, snug abdomen. 

Now, everybody can accomplish a leaner waist by wearing a corset, and by deciding on the suitable attire for your body physique, you can be assured that your waist trainer will forever be comfy on your body. It’s all about discovering the correct fabric and the precise fit. Waist trainers are also a tremendous route to augment long-term slimming pursuits from your wellness training. From workout waist trainers to those that can be worn for particular affairs or to the office, there are so many waist-training corsets that are concocted to suit you and your lifestyle.


It directs to the procedure of utilizing a corset to revise the physique of your midsection. The consequences are commonly deemed as semi-permanent, connotation that you can transform your shape for a particular period by using a corset. There are a few ways in which a corset can be used as a waist trainer-

  • Corsets that are used for waist apprenticeship have unique bonding, also known as ‘Stays’. It is a part of a stringent material like steel or whalebone that provides the corset its silhouette and rigidity. 
  • The corset or the waist trainer puts mild stress on the ribcage, thereby controlling the lower ribs that are called ‘Floating ribs’, and then, it draws them inward. This helps to reduce the size of the waist. 

Earlier, society followed the ideal figure as portrayed by movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, so the plus size women were royally ignored in their wishes and fashion statements. Recently, the advent of social media has offered plus-size women a fundamental mouthpiece. Social media has equipped the exemplary medium for labels to catch a glimpse of how out of contact they were considering their clients’ deprivations. Some brands have toiled meticulously over time to put forth every body type and length into deliberation while making the corsets. Now even if you are a plus-size person, you can easily carry the apparel you want to wear on any occasion with the help of correct corsets and waist trainers.