Corsets For Bust Support: A Necessary Return?

Corsets For Bust Support

Abstract: We all have been a fashion bug since the time we’ve been to our senses. The entire idea behind contemporary fashion has been picked up from the earliest era, like the corsets from the Victorian era. The only difference is the modification and benefits it beholds today as compared to earlier corsets. There are so many options to choose even in corsets like Underbust or Overbust corsets. 


To all the women who have been fashion fanatics, fitting into their dream apparel has been a task. Certain fashion trends are ageless so they stay there, only with a few modifications and advancements of the age. The million-dollar question of the decade is- Is the corset an apparatus of agony for women or one of female supremacy? The corsets have been the talk of the town lately, especially after the release of the Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’ where the designer has worked intricately on the corseting details. Having made its first appearance in the royal court of Spain, corsets were then understood to serve the purpose of the aristocracy. But today, despite the constricting and reshaping effects of the corset, its real purpose is to create a firm stance and posture of the body and are even beneficial from a medicinal point of view. 

There are so many designers, brands, influencers, and stores that have aided its return in favor of an option to wear it as a top, over the garments, under the garments, or as a costume. Eventually, the corsets are filling the intent of new pieces involving the past but, without forcing its constraint upon us once again. The corsets, which were earlier considered a symbol of women’s suppression, are now softer, more flexible, and sculpt the physique without any sort of torture to the body. 

The corsets, either underbust or overbust, are created to reshape the body with an ultra-modern version because now they can be worn with leggings, jeans, or with a shirt or t-shirt. The forests of today are not necessarily the dates, binding products of the past. They’re more shapeable and come in different forms, measures, and materials without being uncomfortable to carry. Thanks to the celebs like Billie Eilish, Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Janhvi Kapoor, Kiara Advani, etc. who have donned the corsets at various events and red carpets to make it a style statement that can be carried in a number of ways. 


Many women around the globe have to hunt for the perfect bra size and all this is because of the large bust which eventually aches their back. Hounding for the right size and shape of the bra have tormented women over the span and even if they found one, it might drag their shoulders forward. The corsets are an amazing garment to support the bust because it creates a disbandment of weight, unlike the brassiere. It veers the strain from the upper back and the shoulders and disseminates the weight throughout the midsection, thereby ameliorating the burdens on the front or the back. 

Corsets are medically approved because of their various benefits like providing a stringent edifice to the body that assists to ease the concern of over-bust and builds a supportive base for them. It also supplies pain alleviation and stabilization for the torso and the backbone. 

The corset trajectory is not all smooth, it has gone through a variety of modifications, hence making it versatile apparel. There are so many manners to wear a corset, for instance, as an outer garment- it is clubbed with a piece that covers the upper body like shirts or t-shirts, and then worn with pants or skirts. The following kinds of corsets are in trend lately- 

  • Bustier- It fulfills the purpose of supporting the bust. 
  • Overbust- It extends from the bust to the hip region for aid. 
  • Underbust- These corsets initiate below the bust and expand to the hips. 
  • Belts- It is a subtype of corset that covers only the abdomen area. 

Corsets are making a comeback because they are not as restrictive as they used to be earlier. The brands have been modifying the corseting techniques to make it more comfortable and fashionable together with the added health benefits despite its rather controversial history. 

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